Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Meet the Easter Bunny!

This is Thumper
I met this little sweetheart recently.  He's been adopted by a friend of mine who has a little daughter.

Quite frankly, adopting bunnies and chicks at Easter time gets my 'red alert' detector buzzing. Simply put: if you are thinking of adopting a bunny for Easter for your child - don't. 

Thumper was adorable.  I got to feed him and he sat on my lap for a long time.
From the Bunny World Foundation website:
When parents go to purchase a baby bunny for Easter, many don’t realize that owning a rabbit is big commitment. Rabbits live between 8-12 years and rabbits are not suitable pets for young children. Rabbits require copious fresh hay, fresh veggies, a limited amount of pellets, nail trimmings, brushings, toys to chew on, a bunny proofed play area, fresh water, and they must be spayed, or neutered to ensure that they do not mark your house or get testicular, or ovarian cancer. Rabbit owners must also learn how to properly handle a rabbit since rabbit’s bones are quite fragile. If dropped, or handled incorrectly, rabbits can be severely injured. 

He was a sweet, wiggly guy - always in motion!
I should not have worried.  My friend had adopted her bunny from Bunny World and had been given a 2-hour training session on how to feed and care for this precious little animal before being allowed to adopt him.

He was pretty hungry!
 Again, from the Bunny World Website:
Please save the Easter bunnies this year and choose a plush, or a chocolate rabbit for your child. If you understand how to properly care for a rabbit and you would like to have one, there are thousands of sweet rabbits waiting in shelters for a forever family. You can visit for more information on adopting and caring for bunnies.
This little guy made a sweet pet. I was able to play with him.  I held him and fed him some Romaine lettuce and I even got some little bunny kisses!  I haven't held a bunny since I was a very little girl.  What surprised me is how different he felt to hold than a kitten or cat.  I'm used to cats and the bunny felt very different. Thumper is only 10 weeks old, but he will only grow to be about 5 pounds at maturity.  

It was such a surprise to meet a rabbit on Saturday!  But, I will admit I was delighted by this experience!  It was a lot of fun to meet and interact with this little guy.

You could tell Thumper loves his little girl owner.  They spent a lot of time playing together.  I'm glad that Bunny World gave her the training and help needed to be a kind and responsible Bunny owner.

For more information on the important work the Bunny World Foundation does, visit:

Bunny World Foundation Inc
Animal Protection Organization
4470 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90027
(310) 498-8600

Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Crazy Sock Hop Workday

Socks that look like tennies
The last Friday of March (the 27th) we had crazy sock day at work.

Ivy dropped by my office to model her socks
It's strange how this activity did not seem to appeal to the men in our firm.  Only one, Dodds, participated.  However, he represented the other menfolk well, his socks were pretty funny!

Dodds had black-toed socks
The women, on the other hand, participated with gusto!

Sabrina's pink socks had cute pom-poms on the back
It's so funny how people model socks.  Very few could stand still, like Laura did with her USA socks!
Laura's socks were highly patriotic!
Most started immediately wiggling their toes, as if their feet were somehow embarrassed to be seen without shoes on.
Nikita sported one pink sock and one blue sock
We finally lined everyone up in the hallway and took a group shot:

And everyone put a foot in the ring...
 And another...
...for the sock Hokey Pokey...
And another...
...giggling and wiggling the whole time...
 And another...
... and nearly falling over!
It was all WIGGLE CITY, man!    I could not get a shot where everyone was still.  It was actually rather hilarious.

Our toes rarely get to roam free at work.  This was a very silly day.


Monday, March 30, 2015

Harmony and Harmonicas

The Harmonica Stylings of Glen
Our little Family Home Evening group is chugging along.  We laugh a lot together, which may be why people keep coming back.

Last Monday we met together again, partly to hear Glen play his harmonica.

Dianna and Maria Elena
It turns out Glen is a really good musician!  (Who knew?) He played several numbers, and geeks that we are, we sang along with a couple of them.

It was a lot of fun.

Deonne and Judy
Nobody wanted to leave again.

That's usually an pretty good indicator that people are enjoying themselves!

 Sara, Lynn, Evangeline, Ellen and David
I think our next meeting will involve a movie and some popcorn.  Whatever we do, I think I like the laughter part the best.  It's good for the soul.

Thanks, everybody!

Friday, March 27, 2015

Nyan Cat is Real

Animated Japanese Pop YouTube Video sensation, Nyan Cat
Art imitates life?
Luna, the rainbow cat
 This is Luna.  She lives in Utah.  She is the real Nyan Cat!

Beautiful Luna with the rainbow

I got a kick out of this. Hope you did too!

Have a terrific weekend!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

TBT: Once Upon A Time...

Daddy, Mamma and Me
A little nostalgia for Throwback Thursday:  Here is my family circa 1958 in Upstate New York.

I remember my mom had just taken me to the beauty parlor to cut my hair.  I hated it short!

Sadly, this old photo was faded, had a texture that shows up in the scan - let's face it, it just didn't scan very well.  The original shows my mom's dress is a pale yellow, Dad's suit is grey, and the top of my little sundress was a pale turquoise blue.

My little brother was yet to be even a gleam in my dad's eye.

It doesn't seem that long ago, but it's been over half a century already.  It was a very different world back then.

Have a great day!

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Meet Lady!

Lady smiling for the camera
A sweet German Shepherd was adopted this past weekend!  Hooray!  Lady got her forever home with two of the nicest people you'd ever want to meet.

Lady in a more serious moment
Lady has inherited 13 kitty siblings and 2 doggy siblings.  She is going to have a lot of fun!

My Norwegian Aunt had a German Shepherd named Lady, back in the 1940s, I believe.  My mother really loved that dog and said she was a wonderful companion.

I'm guessing this little Lady will be much the same.  She looks happy!

German Shepherds have sometimes gotten a bad rap through the years.  I think this little girl looks friendly, and very happy.

She's a lucky girl!

Lady and Holly snoozing in the living room.

So, how does Lady fit in with the other fur children in this household?

Very well, I'd say, judging from the above photo!

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Sisters In Zion

A crowd of women gathering for the brunch
I belong to The Relief Society, a women's organization. I'm proud of my membership.  The Relief Society does some incredible things all over the globe.

The Relief Society celebrated its 173rd birthday on March 17th, making it the oldest women's organization in the world.  It is also the largest women's organization, with over six million sisters in 170 countries.

Before the program, tables were beautifully decorated, and a "Photo Booth" was set up (left)
In Whittier, we celebrated with a birthday brunch on the Saturday before.  This was a very well attended affair - and a very delightful one.

Every table was beautifully decorated
I always have a good time with my Relief Society sisters.  They have blessed my life in countless ways.

I just realized with all the picture taking that I didn't snap a photo of our Stake Relief Society President, Ellen Balke.  I can't believe I did that.  Our wonderful Ellen was in charge of all of this, and you could see the thoughtful preparation that had gone into everything that was done, from printed programs, to table decorations, to menu, to the very sweet program that was presented.

It's not easy to put on a brunch for a couple hundred women in both English and Spanish!

There was luscious fruit and all different flavors of terrific homemade muffins

"Charity Never Faileth" is the motto of the Relief Society.

I gathered at one of the tables filled with other women from my congregation.  We always have a good time together.

My dear friend Nancy
The program was filled with music, which was so nice.  A Women's Ensemble, made up of women from our Stake performed a number composed by my friend Barbara Randall Klein.  Barbara was a good friend who passed away a few years ago, and I still miss her very much.  The song, entitled "Strengthen Thy Sister" was really lovely.  Barbara was a woman of many talents and her life blessed mine in so many ways. She was a former Ward and Stake Relief Society President and a woman of faith and commitment.

The Ensemble did a wonderful job on this number.  Their accompanist was Trina Dunford.

Diana, Caitlyn, Rosalie, Kathy, Julie, Claire and Meredith (not standing in that order)
This lovely small chorus sang a beautiful number for us
Brunch was yummy.  We all dug into the casserole with gusto!

The egg, cheese and ham casserole disappeared before I could get a photo of it!
Every table had fruit and muffins, too.

The muffins were delicious and disappeared quickly too!
The theme of this brunch was "Sisters in Zion Anxiously Engaged in the Best Causes".

The main speaker was Sister Powell, the wife of our Stake President.  She showed some lovely videos to get across the point of her keynote speech, which was titled, "Oh, God, what wouldest thou desire of me?"
Sister Powell and her Spanish language translator
The proceedings were all translated into Spanish by a very capable young woman, whose name I didn't catch.  Perdóname.

Kimmy and one of her friends
It's always fun to see my friends from across Whittier that I don't normally get to see on a regular basis, like Kim (above) and others.  We really are a loving sisterhood.

Jackie Kaline, violinist, performed for us
Another one of the highlights of the program was violinist Jackie Kaline, who performed "Meditation" by Jules Massenet.  I really enjoyed her artistry.

The "Photo Booth" was available to all
A "Photo Booth" was set up on one side of the hall, complete with a professional photographer, who is also a member of our group.

President Powell was the only man there.  He came to run tech for his wife.
Our good Stake President was on hand to handle the audio-visual portion of his wife's presentation. He is such a good man.  

I'm so blessed to associate with all of these good people!

Nancy and Sister Allen, a senior missionary serving in our Ward
What a lovely morning we spent together.  Not a bad way to celebrate a world-wide sisterhood!